Culmore Organic Farm

Organic Beef Farm, Northern Ireland

Soil Association - Organic Standard

Culmore Organic Farm is fully certified by the Soil Association and is 100% organic. To find out more contact David directly on 077 1144 1818 or email him

Winner Northen Ireland Food and Drinks Awards 2009

Our Philosophy

Naturally reared beef

At Culmore Organic Farm all of our animals are raised on lush natural clover and grass swards. Nothing is added or taken away. We use no aphicides, fungicides, pesticides or herbicides. Our beef cattle are reared naturally and slowly.

Natural chemical free

We always return more than we take. At Culmore Organic Farm our philosophy and approach to food production have always been to improve the land naturally. No artificial fertiliser or chemicals are used and our animals are reared slowly on nutrient rich grasses, high in trace elements, which enhances health and welfare. We are fully certified by the Soil Association and are 100% organic. We have a rich bio-diverse habitat supporting large bee and plant populations.

Culmore Organic Beef grown slowly

Our family has been rearing cattle in Ireland for generations. The health and welfare of our animals are given the highest priority. We ensure our husbandry exceeds the highest standards anywhere because our animals’ comfort is important to us. Allowing our cattle to grow slowly to full maturity enhances the subtle flavours of Culmore organic beef. Our beef is hung for up to four weeks in order to maximise its delicious flavour and tenderness. The result is organic beef rich in omega-3 fats and of the finest quality imaginable. We believe that our organic beef represents fantastic value for money. It is also an investment in a rich and diverse habitat in the countryside, which we can all support. As caretakers of the land we take pride in a sustainable, Organic system, and our beef is one stage in this process.

Uniquely priced

Have you ever considered buying organic beef  by the quarter and saving money?   For more details simply email us

We believe we produce the finest organic beef unsurpassed for taste and quality anywhere in the world. Try it today and decide for yourself. If you have any questions or want to know more about the farm and our organic beef please email or call direct on 077 1144 1818